Boarding and Grooming

Going on vacation?

Or are you not going on vacation because you can’t find a reliable bird-sitter?

When you board your bird at CARE, you will know your friend is getting daily attention and proper care while you are away. We accept birds for short and long term stays. For the safety of our birds and others boarding, we require that your pet be vet-checked including bloodwork [chem panel and CBC] and pronounced healthy within the last year. Please schedule ahead whenever possible, as our space is limited, and certain times – especially around holidays – fill up quickly. Call us at (262) 875-4115 to make a reservation.


Per Day Size Birds
$14 Petite Finch/Canary/Budgie/Parrotlet (owner must provide cage)
$16 Small Lovebird/Cockatiel/Green Cheek Conure (owner provided cage optional)
$18 Medium Other Conures/Quaker/Senegal/Pionus
$20 Large Amazon/African Grey/Cockatoos (except Moluccan)/Mini-Macaw
$25 X-Large Macaw/Moluccan Cockatoo

Medication and/or supplements may be administered during your bird(s) boarding stay for $1/per administration

Grooming may also be requested during your bird(s) boarding stay with us. Prices are listed below.

Grooming is alternating Saturdays and Sundays every other month. January, March, May,… will be on the FIRST SATURDAY from 12:00 – 2:30; February, April, June,… will be on the FIRST SUNDAY from 12:00 – 2:30. Please call us to verify that it is still scheduled for that day – things happen!

Wings and/or Nails:

ALL BIRDS: $15.00 for wings OR nails; $28.00 for both
We will groom beaks only when it is necessary for a bird’s health (your bird needs to be vet checked first):
$20.00; Extensive Beak Trim is $40

DNA Sexing is $40